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Extensive Programmes

At Engleburn we have an extensive Activities planner with a team of 6 full time Social life coordinators to take care of all your social needs. The home has a very relaxed feel with social life coordinators on hand to assist you everyday with an preferences you have, from pre-planned activities and events from our extensive planner or to trips out to an destination of your choice, to meet up with old friends, to visit the local garden center or simply join one of our planned trips to the local area.

Some of the scheduled trips to the local areas that we visit are;
Stewarts garden lands, Highcliffe castle, Redcliff garden center, Barton cliff top & beaches, Lymington town, New Milton town, Lyndhurst & local New Forest, Christchurch & priory, Poole Quay Ferry Boat Trip and Hobourne theatre productions.

See our upcoming activities and events list on the events page

Engleburns Minibus

As well as scheduled trips outside of the home we also visit a number of local destinations, we have our very own 7 seater minibus that can be hired to take you anywhere you wish to go, ensuring that you always have links to the local community and can continue to do the activities that you have enjoyed previously.

Specialist 1-1 service

Engleburn also offers a bespoke 1-1 service for you which entails private one on one time with one of our specially trained social life coordinators, in which you can spend your time going out or staying within the extensive 8 acres of grounds or courtyard gardens of Engleburn, enjoying company, going for a walk around the grounds, or doing any activity of your choosing each day. 

Whatever your social requirements Engleburn is able to help you achieve your goals and keep you connected with the local community. 

Keeping up with Events and Activities within the home

Engleburn holds many events throughout the year from our Annual Summer Garden Party to our monthly Tea Dance. All of our activities are advertised and are on display in advance via our Activities TV, which is on display in the main reception. Here you can view our upcoming events and pictures of events from the past year. Engleburn has a quarterly Newsletter which also displays up and coming events for visitors and our residents to view, these can be found on the reception desk.

The Monthly Planner

The monthly planner is completed a month in advance and takes into consideration the likes and dislikes of our clients each month. Engleburn holds a residents meeting each month where everyone discusses what trips out and activities they would like to see on the planner, the planner then represents the views of our clients and helps to ensure that the activities we offer are up to date and reflect the views, wishes and needs of our clients

The planner is always displayed in the main lounge areas and can be viewed by clients and visitors at any time. At Engleburn Social life coordinators are present from 9am to 8pm which means our range of activities are vast and ever engaging!!!


Each day Engleburn holds a 30 minute exercise class, the class suits all abilities and has a range of exercises for all. Exercise is known to stimulate the mind body and sole, help with mobility and co-ordination, lift mood and overall contribute to good health and well being!!!

Download Our Quarterly Newsletter

Download our Quarterly Newsletter (PDF File)

The Activity Organisers

Lynda Moyce

Head Social Life Coordinator

Janine Witts

1-1 Specialist Social Life Coordinator

Stacey Maycock




Social Life Co-ordinator & Head of 1-1 Care


Social life co-ordinator


Social Life 1-1 Co-ordinator