Coffee Morning

Coffee Mornings

Friends of Engleburn

Engleburn have been running coffee mornings every wednesday now for a number of Years. Every Wednesday at 10.30am  Maureen (home owner) Tracey (home manager) Louise (deputy manager) the Head of care and Lynda the Head Social life co-ordinator, make themselves available to you to come in and have a chat, coffee and cake, and answer any queries that you may have. These coffee mornings are very informal have been successful in building a community and network of friends at what can often be an uncertain time. 

Engleburn not only wishes to support our clients through their journey but to support their loved ones and friends to! Sometimes making the move into a care home can be a challenging time, and one where a friend who has been though the same journey can be a real comfort. 

During the Coffee Morning

During these coffee mornings Lynda our Head Social Life Co-ordinator & Head of Friends of Engleburn is on hand to assist in anyway possible. The Friends of Engleburn also meet regularly outside the home for events such as Quiz nights at the local pub, Christmas parties, and general social events. The Friends of Engleburn also enjoy and get involved with assisting Lynda with the Summer Fete and other fundraising ideas.

Friends of Engleburn have been set up by the home to help build communication and help you all to build friendships with others that have been touched by Dementia.

As a Home we are always looking for new ideas and are hoping the discussions these talks give will give us all ideas that we can share and put into practice to ensure our clients always receive the highest quality care.