Engleburn Living -
The Care Home's Cuisine and Café/Bar

The Cuisine

Engleburn boasts x2 Dining rooms, both bright and airy rooms offering space and comfort to enjoy our dining experience. Both dining rooms are on the ground floor with 1 larger dining room and 1 smaller dining room, both are beautifully presented, with the daily and monthly menus on display. Our daily menu is displayed both in type and pictorial format. Engleburn's menus are varied and seasonal and are designed to be nutritionally balanced.

We prepare all meals in our own kitchens each and every day with fresh ingredients of the highest quality. Engleburn has a separate Alternatives menu which is available every meal time to offer the most choice possible.

Skilled cooks offer a menu which caters for all individual tastes and needs, particular attention is paid to providing nutritious, well balanced meals.

Nutritional Requirements & Specialist Diets

Just as importantly, we can meet the specific nutritional requirements of residents who have special dietary needs such as diabetics/gluten free/religious. To meet the needs of people living with dysphagia – a condition which makes it hard to swallow – we prepare meals that are not only easier to swallow, but also look appealing to eat. 

Our skilled cooks provide three square meals a day – either in our spacious Dining rooms or in the comfort of an area of our clients personal choice. In addition to this Engleburn boasts a café style area in which Food snacks and beverages can be obtained all throughout the day/evening.

Nutritional Manager

Engleburn has its very own Nutritionalist Specialist who is qualified in the essentials of nutrition.  The manager is on hand to oversee each meal time and complete individual assessment plans ensuring that each client has the correct equipment in which to eat and drink as independently as possible. The manager will spend time with each individual to ensure their menu choices/likes and dislikes are logged and the seasonal menu reflects this. The manager will also be on hand to those who require specialist nutritional plans and extra support throughout their dietary needs.

Snack stations

In our Specialist Dementia unit – Foxholes we have specially designed snack stations for our clients to be able to enjoy snack and drinks throughout the day/night that is easily accessible to them without the need for them to have to summonses assistance, therefore increasing independent living. 

Night bites menu

Engleburn provides a night bite menu from 8pm to 6am to cater for any clients who require extra intake or who simply may feel peckish. 

Café/Bar area

Engleburn has its very own Café/Bar area. This area is open everyday day to ensure that are clients can access food and drink whenever they require and are not bound to set times of day.

Clients can visit the café as often as they wish and it boasts a selection of sandwiches, snacks, cakes and biscuits as well as hot chocolates, latte, cappuccino’s as well as cold drinks. Visitors are welcome to use the café.


Engleburn wishes our clients to feel that they are in a home from home therefore welcomes visitors and family to share meal times with their loved ones.