Our Values

Our Values

Engleburn Care Home

There are many reasons for people needing care, some need assistance with personal care whilst others decide that the time has come for them to take life easy and not have the added worry of running their own home.

Engleburn is a modern, purpose built residential care home situated near the modern town of Barton on sea in Hampshire.

We understand that choosing a care home is as much about being able to live life to the full in comfortable surroundings as it is about receiving individual, professional and expert care.  This is what makes Engleburn different.

We offer the highest standard of care from our warm, welcoming staff and set in luxurious extensive woodland grounds with views across open fields to the isle of Wight.

With locally sourced fresh food, a full activity programme within our specialist care Dementia Unit, Engleburn really does offer piece of mind.

All of this offers you wonderful flexibility and individuality because at Engleburn we believe you deserve it.

Nobody can go back and start a new beginning, but together we can start a new day 

Our Core Values

Our core values of care represent the way that we go about our daily work to ensure we provide the best possible care for all of our clients, staff and visitors.

It is our aim that those who live in our home should do so with dignity, have the respect of those who support them and be entitled to live a full and active life, given the fundamental right to self-determination and individuality.

These basic rights are accorded to all who find themselves in our care, there is no attempt to distinguish between one group of clients and another.

The purpose of our home is to enable clients to achieve their full potential and this is best achieved by sensitive recognition and nurturing.

Our am is to preserve the self-respect of those who depend on the support of others.

Privacy of space is important as is the clients right to hold and express opinions.

Courtesy and respect in all relationships will be observed.

The staff must respect what is personal and private.

Staff aim to be responsive to the needs and requirements of each individual client, discrimination does not take place on any grounds.

Our Values


  • Treating others as you wish to be treated
  • Treat others like your family
  • Caring for others – kindness

Make a Difference

  • Making a difference to someone’s day – do the best you can do
  • Inspire people
  • Build meaningful relationships – rewarding – self empowerment
  • Leadership – lead by example

Think Differently

  • Think differently about the task and how to achieve a better outcome
  • Take responsibility for yourself and you actions
  • Accountability – inspiration
  • Do the right thing – go with your gut

Take Ownership

  • Taking ownership for your actions – acting with courage
  • Taking ownership – responsibility of a task
  • Continually improve except & delegate


  • Every person is treated as an individual – staff/clients/visitors
  • Dignity & respect for all – be professional in your conduct
  • Build on individual strengths and on Individuals strengths
  • Approachable at all times
  • Honesty – loyalty – compassion – respect